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  • January 17, 2023

    Roosters, which start to crow with the first light of the morning sun and herald the beginning of a new day, are considered as the symbol of the sun in many civilizations due to these features. In addition to this symbolism, whose roots go back to mythology, roosters have a great place in Chinese culture as a symbol of a new beginning.

    Oil Painting, Rooster Painting
  • January 15, 2023

    The deer is one of the few creatures that is delicate . But She/He is as agile as it is delicate, at the same time has the ability to regenerate. In many cultures, it is accepted a symbol of strength, pride, endurance, and spiritual authority.

    Oil Painting, Deer Painting
  • January 05, 2023

    Fish is considered a symbol of the origin of life by many different civilizations around the world. Because, in its simplest terms, life comes from water. This symbolism is frequently used both in ancient Egypt and in Celtic, Indian, Mesopotamian, Burmese and Persian cultures, and today it comes to life with oil paintings of fish.

    Oil Painting, Fish Paintings
  • January 03, 2023

    The bull, which has been featured in the paintings of many artists from the famous artists of the ancient Greek period to Picasso, is a complex symbolism figure when it comes to the visual arts.

    Oil Painting, Bull Painting
  • December 06, 2022

    Cats, sometimes depicted as symbols of fertility and lust, sometimes power and friendship, and sometimes betrayal and evil, have inspired countless artists since the beginning of history.

    Oil Painting, Cat Painting
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