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History of Woman Painting Models in Oil Painting

Human figures have been the most common oil painting subjects for centuries. Many paintings depicted people doing various chores, interacting with each other or narrating a biblical story. Nevertheless, figures of women might be the most popular among all subject matters in oil painting.
Since the oil painting technique gained popularity in the 15th century, many artists have created woman oil painting art pieces. One of the most significant of these paintings was the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. The iconic portrait has been among the most famous Renaissance paintings. Nevertheless, the impact of this fascinating artwork reached beyond its creator's lifetime, influencing many future artists and artworks. Even today, we can see the influence of the Mona Lisa through reproductions and Pop Art paintings.
Besides da Vinci's iconic work, many 16th and 17th-century artists produced paintings with women as subject matters. Botticelli, Vermeer and Ingres often depicted women in their paintings. Of course, the depiction of women in artworks didn't end with classic oil paintings; impressionist art, figurative pieces and abstract paintings also used female figures as a common subject.

Different Styles of Oil Paintings Depicting Women

Those looking for original woman oil painting for sale UK should know what style suits them the best. Oil paintings depicting women usually employ a variety of artistic styles and themes. The most common of these are:
  • Portraits: The Renaissance prompted an interest in creative works, especially portraiture. Influential people started to commission portraits of themselves or their loved ones. These paintings often depict one or more subject matter in an elaborate - sometimes historic - setting. This style is particularly noteworthy since some of the most beautiful woman oil paintings we know are portraits.
  • Women doing chores: Women doing chores and housework is a recurring subject in oil paintings depicting women. In these paintings, women are depicted performing various tasks, such as ironing clothes or cooking.
  • Women working: Another recurring theme of oil paintings depicting women is working women. These paintings usually depict women breaking stones, selling goods or working at stores. These paintings are particularly significant since they give an idea of life in the period they were painted.
  • Reclining figures: Sometimes symbolising wealth and power, sometimes conveying a sense of being waited upon, reclining figures have been quite a popular subject for artists. Especially after the Renaissance and during the Baroque period, many artists depicted their handmade woman oil painting pieces with reclined figures.

Popular and Historical Paintings Depicting Women

Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa, 1503-1506

One of the most famous and influential artworks of history, Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is an archetypical masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance. The painting is exceptional with its fascinating details and a masterful use of different colours.
Mona Lisa is among the first artworks depicting the subject matter in front of a fictional landscape. Although the subject's identity isn't clear, most art historians believe it portrays Lisa del Giocondo, wife of Francesco del Giocondo.

Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring, 1665

Johannes Vermeer, famous for his intimate household scenes and exceptional colour use, created a timeless legacy with his iconic painting Girl with a Pearl Earring
Girl with a Pearl Earring depicts a girl wearing an oriental turban and a large pear in her ear. The painting is one of the finest examples of the Dutch Golden Age artistic style, Tronie, in which the artist depicts an imaginary figure rather than a real one. 

Édouard Manet, Olympia, 1863-1865

Édouard Manet was one of the first artists whose works signified a transition from Realism to Impressionism. Although most of his works were exhibited by the prestigious Salon de Paris, Manet's true masterpiece was the painting of a reclining figure: Olympia.
A controversial artwork of its time, Olympia has become one of the most significant impressionist paintings. The artwork was based on Titan's Venus of Urbino and depicts a reclining figure, Olympia, who seems to be a prostitute, gazing at the audience with a confrontational look. In the scene, Olympia's black maid can be seen with a flower bouquet, probably sent by one of the clients.
Manet's bold use of colour to highlight Olympia's sexuality and the stern look on the figure's face caused critics to consider the painting "vulgar" and "immoral." Nevertheless, the painting was embraced by the avant-garde painters of the time, influencing many future artworks with its distinctive style and theme.


How to Clean Woman Oil Paintings?

Here are our recommendations for cleaning oil paintings with women:
  • Don't use water, alcohol, baby oil or anything that might damage the piece,
  • Use a soft brush to swipe off dust from the surface,
  • Take the artwork to a professional conservator periodically,
  • Avoid scrubbing with hard material.

How to Frame a Woman Oil Painting?

After picking the woman oil painting, buy a suitable frame for it. You can follow these steps to install your artwork into it:
  1. Remove the frame's glass,
  2. Lay your frame down and place the painting within,
  3. Secure the painting by putting frame clips,
  4. Place a cardboard paper on the back of the frame as a dust covering,
  5. Install mounting rings to the back of your frame,
  6. Hang the artwork on the wall.

How to Protect Woman Oil Paintings?

Following is a list of tips to preserve your oil paintings the best:
  • Don't hang your artwork near fireplaces or any source of heat,
  • Avoid direct sunlight in your painting,
  • Occasionally examine for insect damage,
  • If you can't clean the painting yourself, take it to a conservator,
  • Revarnish the painting every once in a while.

What to Consider When Buying?

Consider the following when buying artwork for your home:
  • Choose a professional seller: If you want to buy woman oil painting online, choosing a professional art dealer is significant for satisfaction.
  • Buy original products: The quality of original products is unmatched with their unique themes. Therefore, always go for original woman oil painting for sale UK.
  • Pick the painting you like: You don't have to be an art critic to buy woman oil paintings. If a painting inspires you or makes you feel certain emotions, go for it!
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