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Bedroom Paintings

Bedroom Paintings

Everybody wants to have a pretty and calming atmosphere in their bedroom. While tiny ornaments and well-designed furniture help you personalise your bedroom, they cannot be as helpful as bedroom paintings in adding a piece of artistic creativity to your living space.
When you look for original bedroom oil painting for sale UK, you can find a wide variety of paintings with different subjects and themes. From abstract oil paintings with sophisticated messages to landscape paintings that reflect nature's beauty, each art style has its own qualities and advantages. You should find out which style suits your taste best and use it to turn your bedroom into a tiny art gallery within your house.

Why Is Bedroom Art Important?

Bedroom oil paintings can indeed add creativity to your room, but do they play such an important role in your bedroom decoration? Well, the answer is yes!
The bedroom is a sanctuary where you find peace and be with yourself. Such an intimate room requires a touch of your creative preferences, like the colours you enjoy and the furniture you like. Nevertheless, no decoration is as effective as artwork when it comes to creating an artistic atmosphere.
Art has the power to evoke emotions and affect mood. You can use this power to your own advantage by decorating your bedroom with the most beautiful bedroom oil paintings. A carefully chosen bedroom art can promote better sleep and create a soothing environment in your bedroom.

We should also remember that a well-decorated bedroom can reduce stress and anxiety. Beautifying your room with a handmade bedroom oil painting might provide you with a safe space to get away from all the pressure everyday life puts on you.
Besides all these benefits, you can buy bedroom oil paintings to create a sense of ownership, too. This way, you can connect to your living space on a more intimate level and feel at home there.

Tips for Choosing a Bedroom Paintings

As we mentioned, bedroom painting has the power of personalising and setting the mood in your bedroom. Nevertheless, choosing the right bedroom painting is significant. Here are some tips that might help you:
  • Decide on the perfect theme: Buying a bedroom painting is more than merely hanging a canvas on your bedroom wall. Choosing bedroom art requires attention to your personal taste and the overall design of your bedroom. You should pick an artwork that matches your bedroom colours and furniture style. This way, you can create a peaceful harmony in your living space.
  • Consider your budget: Prices for bedroom oil paintings differ depending on various factors. Therefore, you should consider your budget when looking for a bedroom oil painting for your home. Although quality is always more important than the price, going over your budget is never ideal. Thankfully, Simurg Sanatevi's extensive collection features lots of quality artworks affordable for every budget.
  • Choose a quiet piece: Even if you like sophisticated and highly detailed paintings, we don't recommend you pick an overly intricate artwork for your bedroom. Because too complex and crowded scenes might easily distract you while trying to rest. Therefore, choosing a plain piece, like a still life painting or a figurative portrait, might be ideal for your bedroom.
  • Artwork should complement your décor: The décor of your bedroom is a significant factor when choosing a bedroom oil painting. So, you should make sure to choose an artwork that complements the colours and atmosphere in your bedroom. Avoid picking an artwork that disrupts your room's decorative harmony with its distinct theme and colours.
  • Size and placement matter: The size of your bedroom oil painting is crucial for choosing the perfect positioning. A large one is ideal to create a focal point, while a small one can be grouped together with other paintings or decorative pieces to create a gallery.


How to Care for Bedroom Oil Paintings?

If you are looking for an original bedroom oil painting for sale UK, you should know that oil paintings require taking good care of them. Here are a few tips that might help you:
  • Clean the painting every once in a while by wiping the canvas' surface with a soft brush. While cleaning the painting, be gentle and don't pressure onto the canvas too much.
  • Avoid using water, alcohol, or solutions unfits for cleaning oil paintings, as these products might damage the artwork.
  • Take the painting out of the frame and check for any insect damage.
  • Visit a conservationist every once in a while to have your painting revarnished and maintained.

What type of paintings are the best for bedrooms?

If you want to buy bedroom oil painting online, Simurg Sanatevi's catalogue might help you find the ideal artwork for your bedroom. With various original bedroom oil painting for sale UK options, choosing an artwork for your taste is easier than ever.

Can I gift my friend a bedroom oil painting?

Definitely! If your friend enjoys a quality bedroom oil painting buy it! Paintings are among the most meaningful gifts you can give to someone.

How to Protect Oil Paintings?

Here are some tips to protect your oil painting from damage:
  • Avoid hanging your artwork near fireplaces, direct sunlight or any source of heat,
  • Take your painting to a conservator to have it maintained,
  • Clean the painting whenever it gets dusty and don't forget to revarnish it every once in a while.
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