Wouldn't you like to please your customers more and stand out from your competitors in today's competitive business environment?
From now on, Simurg Art Gallery is with you from the selection of the artworks to the assembly, so that you can get rid of the ordinary daily trends and enter permanent and sound projects. Let's work together with our experienced staff to make you, your customers and your staff feel special.


In today's business world, it is a well-known fact that just doing the trade or the service provided is not enough to become a brand. Being a brand is now primarily related to how your company looks from the outside. At this point, you should consider evaluating oil painting alternatives for your company prestige. With oil paintings, you can work in an environment full of art, more peaceful and reassuring, or increase your motivation according to your preferences.

You can strengthen your company's stance towards its customers. You can also request oil-painted abstract paintings to work with colors suitable for the corporate identity or decoration of the company. Wouldn't you like to have an office environment where you can peak in your career with more productive work?


Spaces such as cafes and restaurants where people can come together and socialize now occupy a large place in social life. People are trying to choose places where they can feel more authentic and spend more time in these various places. Among these selection criteria, the quality and style of the place they want to be in inevitably take the lead.
Today, cafes and restaurants that include works of art such as oil paintings in their decorations stand out in terms of quality. Again, these types of places underline their unique stances with works of art such as oil paintings that reflect their style.
Don't waste your time and money to fill your space with ordinary, mediocre and non-artistic objects. The easiest and most prestigious way to show that you value your incoming customers is to strengthen the ambiance of your space with oil paintings. By including artworks in your space, you can make the quality difference between you and your competitors clear.
Our way of life is changing in proportion to today's very fast movements. Many people now have the concept of 'residence' in their lives. Since the service sector keeps up with these movements and speed, residences are now appearing almost everywhere. While most of them are almost identical, some of them stand out noticeably.

Of course, these differences are not only related to the neighborhoods they are in... One of the effective factors that make the difference is certainly the flawless performance of the service. But what makes a quality residence stand out from another quality residence is the way in which the value given to the customer is shown. It is naturally inevitable for a residence equipped with works of art such as oil paintings to stand out a few steps from its peers.

By incorporating artworks in your space, you underline that you are a private business, not an ordinary residence, and reveal the difference in quality.


As in hotels, there is an expansion in the tourism sector, from commercial pleasure boats to cruise cruise ships. It is inevitable for companies that want to get their share of this expansion to resort to different ways in addition to the now known ways of increasing quality. One of the obvious ways to show your quality at the point of preference is to include elements that your customers would like to see in your decoration. Art works such as oil paintings are real quality indicators in this sense.
Of course, this quality should not be considered only for guests-customers. You can easily carry this artistic pleasure you experience at home on your own boat with oil paintings. You can offer a quality life for yourself and your guests that you will host on your boat.

Moreover, you can strengthen both your general decoration and your style with oil paintings to be prepared on order.
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