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Hospital Paintings

Hospital Paintings

We find ourselves going to the hospital for many different reasons in our lives. Because hospitals are the solution to any kind of negativity threatening our health. However, spending even a short time in hospital corridors and rooms has a significant impact on our psychology. In order to prevent this effect from being negative, attention should be paid to hospital decorations and spacious and hygienic environments should be created. The key to a spacious and refreshing environment will undoubtedly be hospital paintings. Simurg Art Gallery, which offers oil painting options in this regard, carefully designs paintings that can be used in hospitals.

Oil Painting Models for Hospitals

When there is any negativity in our health, we immediately rush to the hospital. However, we also witness that hospitals have a negative psychological effect on people. In order to prevent this and to make people feel comfortable within the hospital, decoration must be planned correctly. Especially, the wall color and paintings used on the walls will contribute to the creation of a more refreshing environment. Especially modern oil painting varieties are among the most preferred painting models. Because they can be designed in many different ways, and their sizes can be customized according to the design of the wall. Another important advantage is the variety of color options and the ability to be made much more special with frames.
Paintings depicting specific cities or individuals and classic paintings will have a very valuable place on hospital walls. For this reason, classical oil painting models can be preferred for hospital walls. By making your choices for size, color, design, and frame selection, you can buy paintings that will change the atmosphere of the hospital, thus creating a much more peaceful environment for patients.

Oil Painting Models Suitable for Hospital Walls

We all have had to go to the hospital at some point. We know that it is a boring, gloomy, and psychologically negatively affecting place. However, with the right decoration or color selection, a boring and gloomy environment can suddenly turn into a peaceful one. For this, oil hospital paintings can be preferred. Thus, you can receive treatment in a peaceful environment, and feel comfortable during the treatment process, just like at home. Flower and plant oil paintings are quite popular in this regard. Because they allow people to feel peaceful as they emphasize naturalness. Also, since they are compatible with decorations, flower and plant oil paintings are frequently used in hospital rooms or corridors.

What to Consider in Oil Paintings Used in Hospitals

Since we are talking about hospitals, every detail must be carefully considered. For this reason, oil paintings used in hospitals should definitely stay away from the use of chemicals. Paintings containing carcinogenic, chemical, or solvent inks should be avoided to eliminate the risk of illness. Especially since some inks emitted by the environment seriously affect patients with lung cancer, extra care should be taken. Paintings must be prepared using paints or materials that will not threaten human health.

Recommendations for Using Paintings in Hospitals

Oil paintings that help patients feel comfortable in their rooms, corridors, or any part of the hospital can be designed differently. Therefore, they have a great impact on decoration. At the same time, the most appropriate paintings must be used in many polyclinics such as internal medicine, dermatology, oncology, or neurology. For example, using paintings consisting of cheerful colors, flowers, and plants in the oncology clinic will make cancer patients feel better. In the pediatric clinic, paintings featuring fairy tales or cartoon characters will be a very correct choice.
With paintings that help patients feel good, correct decorations can be made in hospitals. Thus, both decorations can be completed and support can be provided to patients. Moreover, since Simurg Art Gallery provides you with every kind of privilege in this regard, you will also gain an advantage in terms of hospital painting prices. You can immediately choose the most suitable oil paintings and add harmony to hospital spaces with handmade paintings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Oil Paintings for Hospitals?

The selection of paintings according to the polyclinic must be made for the inner peace of the patients, for them to feel good, and not to get bored. The selection of color, pattern, or size according to the types of diseases is extremely important in terms of patient psychology.

How to Clean Oil Paintings Used in Hospitals?

Especially since infections can occur very quickly in hospitals, paintings must be dried, varnished, and framed. Otherwise, infections can be caught from the paints. In addition, framing will provide convenience in terms of cleaning.

How to Protect Oil Paintings Used in Hospitals?

The most important process for the protection of oil paintings is to dry them and then varnish them. Thus, there will be no slipping of paints during cleaning. In addition, framing to prevent dusting will ensure their long-term preservation.

How Are Paintings Used in Hospitals Framed?

The frame has a very big impact on the appearance of the painting. For this reason, the correct material and design should be chosen for the frame according to hospital decoration and polyclinic. The use of passe-partout to add depth to the painting is one of the choices that can be made. In addition, using a wooden frame will be extremely correct for the longevity of the frame. This is also important for health reasons.


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