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Oil paintings, one of the decorative items we frequently prefer in our living and working spaces, can be used in many different ways due to the color they bring to the environment. Oil painting varieties, which can be used in many points of homes or workplaces and add color to the space, can be chosen according to the concept of the environment since they can be designed in different ways. Simurg Art Studio, which accompanies you with handmade and suitable paintings for every concept, offers various paintings for sale at affordable prices.

Oil Painting Models

Oil painting models preferred to adorn walls and add a different atmosphere to indoor spaces, which have become very important in interior designs, especially in recent times. They can be designed in different ways for this purpose. Thus, by preventing the walls from remaining empty, the decoration of indoor spaces can be made more aesthetic. With the quality of its paint, the aesthetic stance of the painting, and its ability to be prepared according to every request, you can have an oil painting in any model you want.
With handmade oil paintings, you can have an oil painting in any way you want. This will be a great opportunity for you to have an oil painting in the size and color you want in any space you want. Handmade oil paintings, prepared with completely original and quality materials by professionals, will also help you to add a different atmosphere to indoor spaces. It will be designed in a structure that appeals to the eye of your guests and attracts the attention of your customers, with its size and colors that will fit the space. In addition, you can be sure that the oil painting will be designed according to your request, considering all the features you demand.
Among oil painting models, you have the chance to choose from dozens of different handmade and original paintings. This means that a suitable oil painting for your meticulously decorated indoor spaces will be prepared according to your request. Landscape oil paintings, which are among the most popular, are an important option for landscape and nature enthusiasts. With these handmade oil paintings that can bring the dynamics of nature to indoor spaces, you can create unique decorations. In addition, sea-view oil paintings are also one of the first options that come to mind when it comes to landscapes. With these handmade oil paintings where the sea is in the foreground, you can decorate as you wish.

Oil Paintings Suitable for Your Wall

Today, decorations compete with each other and naturally constantly change in fashion. We encounter simplicity, single color, colorful designs, and many different decorations. Therefore, by choosing models that will complement the decorations, you can create indoor spaces that refresh the environment. It is also possible to choose modern oil paintings suitable for the color, size, and shape of your wall.
Since oil paintings bring a naturalness to the place where they are prepared, extra care is needed in the selection of paintings. Especially the color, size, and structure of your wall. In other words, if you choose a color that does not match your wall, there may be disharmony in your space, so you may not be able to obtain a pleasant view. At the same time, if your wall is structurally designed differently, you should choose a painting in a structure suitable for it and make the right decoration. Another important issue is the size. If your wall is very large, a small painting will not look very elegant. The same applies to choosing a large painting on a small wall. Therefore, you must choose a painting proportional to your wall, and prevent your home or workplace from looking small.
If you want an oil painting suitable for the place you live or work and meet your demands, then you can take advantage of the opportunity to have an oil painting made. In this way, you will be able to have an oil painting in exactly the color, size, and structure you want. Also, if you want to give paintings as gifts to your loved ones on special occasions, you can have oil paintings prepared especially for them. This way, they will feel very happy and special.

Achieve an Aesthetic Appearance with Oil Painting Models

Everyone prioritizes their personal tastes when creating a decorative environment. Some prefer simplicity, some prefer chaos or colorful designs. In such a case, the importance of the selected decorative items will be great. Oil painting options stand out here. Paintings, which can be prepared suitable for every taste, fashion, color, space, and size, will help you in creating the atmosphere you want.
If you have a colorful personality and want figures in the paintings, then you can create unique environments by choosing from figurative oil painting options. It is a great option, especially for those who want to create an environment that uses many colors together in interior design and want to create a place that harmonizes with different colors. If you want to display paintings prepared for important figures in history on your wall, then choosing from Atatürk oil painting options can be a good idea for you. By choosing one of the various oil painting options designed for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, you will add a different atmosphere to your decoration.

Things to Consider When Buying an Oil Painting

Oil paintings, being specially designed and handcrafted, require extra consideration when being placed in a space or gifted to someone. This is because the messages they contain and the atmosphere they will add to the environment are extremely important. Therefore, when choosing from handmade oil paintings, you should pay attention to many factors.
The most important element in oil paintings is color. Because it needs to harmonize with the colors in the room where the painting will be hung. Also, since colors convey a message, you should choose a color that emphasizes what you want to highlight. Another important element is the concept of the painting. You can choose a painting with figures, landscapes, or different features. In this case, there should be various decorative items in your space suitable for this. In addition, when choosing a landscape oil painting, the environment should not have dark colors. Otherwise, the value of the landscape painting will diminish.
If you have created a decoration considering modern elements and prioritize simplicity, then the painting you choose should emphasize simplicity. You can choose one of the non-eye-catching, classic oil paintings. One aspect you should pay attention to regarding size is the appropriateness of the wall. Hanging a small painting on a large wall will reduce the visibility of the painting. Therefore, you should choose a painting proportional to the size of the wall. Also, if you have the idea of ​​having an oil painting made, Simurg Art Studio will be a great opportunity for you. This way, you can have original oil paintings with the features you want and give them as gifts to your loved ones.

The Importance of Using Paintings in Home Decor

Paintings, which have a very important place in the decoration of indoor spaces, can adapt to almost any space as they can be designed in different colors, sizes, patterns, and structures. However, when choosing a painting, attention must be paid to dozens of different factors such as the harmony of colors with the furniture, the space occupied by the painting on the wall, and the harmony between the decoration of the space and the pattern of the painting. When paintings placed by paying attention to these become harmonious with the furniture, the appearance of the space can suddenly reach a unique level.
If you want to decorate your spaces with paintings that reflect your mood, then Simurg Art Studio offers you unique opportunities for this. By choosing according to factors such as plants, animals, classical works, historical figures, special dimensions, and many more preferences, you can have oil paintings prepared. In addition, Simurg Art Studio, which offers advantages in terms of oil painting prices, helps you decorate the environment with unique paintings at affordable prices.
Do you want to get an oil painting at an affordable price among options such as the area to be used, measurements, dimensions, preferred model, color options, and many more options? Then Simurg Art Studio, which offers advantages in terms of oil painting prices and prepares handmade paintings, will be a great choice for you. Because in this way, no matter what the design of indoor spaces is, you will be able to decorate them in the most special way. So go ahead, make the choice that suits your needs, add to your cart, and buy oil paintings! Thus, seize the opportunity to decorate homes and workplaces with the most special paintings!

Frequently Asked Questions
What to Consider When Choosing an Oil Painting?

Since it will bring a different atmosphere to the environment, when choosing an oil painting, you must pay attention to factors such as color, size, and dimensions. Especially be sensitive about choosing an original painting that will not look large or small on your wall in accordance with the color that is prominent in your decoration.

How to Clean Oil Paintings?

The most important option for cleaning oil paintings is a dusting brush. Wiping with a damp cloth can damage the colors of the painting. However, after the paints on the painting have dried, if they are varnished, they can be wiped with microfiber cloths. It should be noted that the cloth should be slightly damp. If wiping is to be done, the process should be completed by making sure that the colors do not mix with small movements.

How to Frame an Oil Painting?

After handmade oil paintings are varnished, it should not be forgotten that framing is necessary. After varnishing, frames are prepared from suitable wooden pieces in appropriate dimensions and placed around the painting. Then the glass is placed and fixed. It should be ensured that the canvas does not touch the glass under any circumstances.

How to Preserve Oil Paintings?

Since they are handmade, oil paintings need to be protected against external factors. For this reason, it needs to dry and be varnished before being displayed. Also, it is extremely important not to be exposed to too much light. In case of exposure to light, after the varnishing process, frames with non-translucent glass can be used for framing. In addition, it should not be kept in dusty environments. When removing dust, a dusting brush or a slightly damp microfiber cloth can be used.


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