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History of Classic Oil Painting

The term "classic oil painting" is actually a complex one. What we understand from classic painting is a piece of art created by a talented artist and became a signature work of its creator. 
The history of classic oil paintings goes back to the very beginning of the oil painting technique's artistic use. Although oil painting has been the most popular painting medium for millennia, the popularisation of the style didn't happen until the artistic awakening during the Renaissance. During the period, an interest in philosophy and classical literature led many European artists to depict scenes from mythology and religion. The Sistine Chapel Painting is one of the greatest masterpieces of Renaissance art, showcasing a fine example of classical oil painting for religious purposes.
Of course, Renaissance art wasn't all about Mythology and religion. Portraits depicting striking realism were a prominent part of the Renaissance's art scene. We can consider Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa a suitable example of such a portrait. The piece has been regarded as one of history's most famous handmade classic oil painting pieces, influencing many future artists.

What is the Classic Oil Painting Technique

Classic oil painting technique has been the most popular and preferred technique among artists. The technique owes its popularity to a medium of drying oil used as the binder, which makes the pigments look more vivid.
Artworks created with oil paintings often have rich and deep colours, which are hard to achieve with other mediums. As a result, artists can produce vibrant and bright pieces with oil painting techniques.

Types of Classic Oil Paintings

When looking for original classic oil painting for sale UK, one should consider what type of paintings they want. Today, various classic oil painting types exist, each with unique features. Here are some of the most famous ones:
  • Classic landscape paintings: Classic landscape paintings include some of the most beautiful classic oil paintings. These paintings often depict natural or urban scenery with all its majesty. Landscape paintings are ideal for creating an idle atmosphere in a room.
  • Classic figurative paintings: Classic figurative paintings might be ideal for those who want to beautify their homes with sophisticated images. This oil painting type commonly features human figures or portraits.
  • Classic still life paintingsStill life portraits are ideal for those seeking to buy classic oil paintings with an elegant style. Since still life is basically an arrangement of objects with different colours and textures, they fit best in rooms with good lighting.

Popular and Historical Classic Paintings and Artists

Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa, 1503

Mona Lisa is one of the Renaissance's most iconic paintings. The painting, created by Leonardo da Vinci in 1503, has been the subject of much debate throughout history. 
A significant discussion surrounding the painting has been the identity of "Mona Lisa." Some scholars claim it was a wealthy woman from Florence, while others suggest it was a self-portrait of da Vinci. 
Despite its anonymous subject, the portrait remains one of the most influential artworks in history.

Rembrandt, The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, 1633

Rembrandt's only seascapeThe Storm on the Sea of Galilee, reflects the artist's masterful style. The painting features a bright colouring and detailed brushwork.
As a narrative painting, The Storm on the Sea of Galilee depicts a Biblical scene with striking spiritual and physical details. The painting demonstrates Rembrandt's ability to portray a sacred narrative with solemnity while dragging the audience into the treacherous storm.

Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night, 1889

Van Gogh's The Starry Night is a masterpiece of the post-Impressionist style. The piece depicts the view from the asylum room where van Gogh lived from 1889 to 1890.
In the painting, a stylized moon and bright stars illuminate an imaginary village at night. The painting is the only nocturne in a series of paintings from the artist's bedroom window.
While the town in the painting wasn't visible from van Gogh's room, he used a sketch from a hillside above the village of Saint-Rémy to depict it.


How to Clean Classic Oil Paintings?

We recommend using a soft brush or cotton bud to swipe off dust from the painting's surface. Don't use water or alcohol, as they might damage the painting. If you can't clean the paintings at home, it'd be best to take them to a professional conservator.

How to Frame a Classic Oil Painting?

The frame is as important as the painting itself. Therefore, once you choose your classic oil painting buy the frame. Upon receiving your frame, you can follow these steps to install your painting into it:
  1. Remove the frame's glass,
  2. Lay your frame down and place the painting within,
  3. Secure the painting by putting frame clips,
  4. Place a cardboard paper on the back of the frame as a dust covering,
  5. Install mounting rings to the back of your frame,
  6. Hang the artwork on the wall.

How to Protect Classic Oil Paintings?

Protecting your oil painting from external factors is crucial for keeping it in good shape. Here are some of the tips for ideal conservation:
  • Keep your paintings away from direct sunlight,
  • If you can't clean the painting yourself, take it to a conservator periodically,
  • Revarnish your paintings every once in a while,
  • Don't clean the painting with water, baby oil, or alcohol.

What to Consider When Buying

If you are looking for an original classical oil painting for sale UK, you should know a few things before buying:
  • Go for the best quality: Buying high-quality artwork will transform any room into an art gallery. That's why you should make sure to buy classic oil painting online from the best shops.
  • Pick the one you like: You don't have to be an art critic to buy artwork. Always go for paintings that interest you.
  • Ensure colour harmony: When decorating your home with paintings, you shouldn't ignore the importance of colour harmony. Therefore, always pick pieces that match the colours of your home.

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