In 2001, Simurg Sanatevi stepped into the sector with the passion of two idealistic young people and by doing its job with confidence, it offers its customers high quality oil paintings, classic handicrafts (calligraphy) and frame diversity. The first experience is to present the works in classical exhibitions, '' How do we constantly bring art together with people? '’ they decided to move to shopping centers. The idea of ​​taking part in the shopping mall for the art lovers to make art easier has enabled the brand to grow. Simurg Sanatevi touches the décor of your home with works made by valuable artists. Simurg Sanatevi, which works with many local and foreign artists, is a real art platform which contains around 1500 original works, mostly oil paints. Simurg Sanatevi produces high quality digital prints from the works of art it contains or external images, and continues to win the current decoration trend by importing the frame from abroad and gaining the appreciation of its customers on the frame. In addition, there are also many works that will please the fans of 'Classical Turkish Handicraft'. Simurg Sanatevi serves with its branches in Küçük Çamlıca Center Store, Tepe Nautilus Shopping Mall, Palladium Shopping Mall, Capacity Shopping Mall, Cevahir Shopping Mall, Akasya Acıbadem Shopping Mall, and Korupark in Istanbul. Simurg Sanatevi, which has been taking firm steps in the sector, continues to sell its current and discounted table in order to make secure shopping for its customers.


The Simurg Art House family is committed to quality and trust. Simurg offers oil paintings and frame sales, and continues to grow by knowing the importance of customer satisfaction. The company, which cooperates with many valuable artists, is pleased and pleased to offer every work that is good and beautiful to its customers. Closely following the innovations of the sector, Simurg Sanatevi houses the ones in need. Aiming to make art accessible, Simurg Sanatevi opens its branches in shopping malls and gets closer to this goal. Simurg Sanatevi continues to work with proper and correct pricing policy.




Simurg Sanatevi meets the expectations of the customer portfolio with its wide range of works and frames. By working with many artists in oil paintings, it increases the variety of works and provides the maximum level of customer satisfaction. We offer you quality, original certified and reasonable prices frames from the construction markets. Simurg Sanatevi endeavors to make photos of the most special frames of your life.