Simurg Art Gallery, where the true traces of friendship and creativity converge in the enchanting world of art, took its first steps into the industry in 2001 with the passion of two idealistic young individuals. Two old friends brought together by art and friendship brought this special establishment to life. Today, Simurg Art Gallery not only brings together over 2000 real oil paintings and unique works of modern Calligraphy in its collection but also offers art enthusiasts unique experiences with custom frames and paintings produced on demand. Furthermore, Simurg Art Gallery periodically hosts exhibitions of traditional Calligraphy art and exquisite collections of master painters. The initial experience gained by these two young individuals led them to present their works in classical exhibitions. Starting from the idea of "how can we constantly bring art to people," the founders decided to move galleries to shopping malls. This was a highly innovative move in the context of art galleries until that day. The idea of having a presence in shopping malls for easier access to art for art lovers contributed to the growth of the Simurg Art Gallery brand. With its 7 stores and website, Simurg Art Gallery currently offers rich and diverse collections of real art pieces to art enthusiasts by bringing together various oil paintings. In its journey in the industry, Simurg Art Gallery ensures safe and easy shopping for its customers through its up-to-date and discounted campaigns created on its website.

The legend of Simurg - the Phoenix bird, has been the source of inspiration for the establishment of the art Gallery. You can read this instructive legend on our blog page and browse through our Simurg bird-themed painting collection. Just as it started in the legend, Simurg Art Gallery, despite encountering changing conditions and many difficulties along the way, continues its journey without faltering, always trusting in the quality of its work.

Since its establishment, Simurg Art Gallery has been meticulous about working with expert teams. This expertise extends from the art of a painter to the presentation of prepared works to customers and the on-site assembly of framed works. Customer satisfaction takes precedence here. The entire team is mobilized to ensure that the art lover reaches the desired oil painting.

Simurg Art Gallery offers its works for sale in its own 7 separate stores located in Istanbul. With expert art consultants, it helps customers orient towards real art pieces that best suit their needs, assisting everyone in decorating their homes or workplaces with unique oil paintings. You can click here for the open addresses and locations of our stores.

We especially emphasize that all oil paintings in our gallery are real oil paintings, and there are no digital print paintings. All our paintings are delivered with certificates of authenticity.

Simurg Art Gallery offers art lovers a unique experience by combining the roots of traditional art with modern creativity. In our stores, you can find not only the aesthetic heritage of classical oil painting art but also the most impressive examples of modern painting and modern Calligraphy art. It reflects a perspective that blends the past with the future of art. At the same time, we add a unique touch with our works presented with special frames and paintings produced on demand. We would be happy to create the most special piece for you.

We aim not only to exhibit art pieces but also to host interactive events that bring art lovers and artists together. We want to provide opportunities for a deeper dive into the creative world of art through art workshops, artist talks, and exhibition tours. Simurg Art Gallery is proof of the long-standing companionship of friendship and true art. We invite you to join us in discovering the traces of art, friendship, authenticity, and the past and future together. Join us to see our works, examine dazzling special frames, and perhaps acquire the painting of your dreams to be produced on demand. Remember; real art, friendship, and quality always leave a mark.
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