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History of Street Landscape Oil Paintings

You might see cool street paintings in various places, from houses to workplaces. Although most consider these paintings a contemporary trend, their history is as old as regular landscapes.

We have various depictions of cities and streets from antiquity. Since street paintings are a subcategory of cityscapes, we can consider the earliest depictions of human settlements as the first street paintings.

Ambrogio Lorenzetti was the first Western artist who depicted the earliest form of genuine cityscapes in his 14th-century paintings. Nevertheless, cities were not a prominent theme in art until the Delft School in the 17th century.

The attention brought to cityscapes in the 17th century continued into the 18th century, thanks to notable Italian artists like Bernardo Bellotto. Around the same time, the classical Japanese art scene also saw a rising popularity of cityscapes and urban scenery.

From the 19th century on, various artistic currents, such as Impressionism, explored different aspects of city life and often depicted cities or towns. By the 20th century, a different interpretation of cities emerged, and street illusion paintings became popular.

Street oil paintings still preserve their popularity and importance in our contemporary artworks today.

Different Oil Painting Themes with Street Landscape

As you can see, street landscape oil paintings have become increasingly popular since the 14th century. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • The Little Street, Johannes Vermeer, 1658
  • The Stonemason's Yard, Canaletto, 1725
  • Paris Street; Rainy Day, Gustave Caillebotte, 1877
  • The Boulevard Montmartre at Night, Camille Pissaro, 1897
  • Late Afternoon, New York, Winter, 1900, Childe Hassam, 1900

Street Landscape Oil Painting Prices

Since there is a wide variety of street paintings, it is impossible to tell a fixed price for all street oil paintings. However, we can list some of the contributing factors that might inflate a painting's price tag:

Artist: Works of acclaimed artists usually cost more due to the artist's value.

Size: The size of the painting might also increase the price, with larger paintings usually being more expensive.

Quality: The quality of the street scene paintings is another factor in determining the piece's quality. If the painting is of better quality, it will likely be more expensive.

Of course, besides these factors, there are many reasons why an oil painting might have a higher price than others. Nevertheless, the ones mentioned above are often the main reasons.

Decoration Suggestions with Street Landscape Oil Paintings

Here are some tips that might help you use street landscape oil paintings to create the perfect décor in your living space:

  • Place your painting in a central wall to create a focal point,
  • Choose a place with proper lighting,
  • Pick the right frame to enhance the painting's beauty,
  • Use the painting's colors to create a color harmony in your room,
  • Buy a painting that has the perfect size for your room.


How to Frame a Street Landscape Oil Painting?

You can use a cotton swab or a smooth cloth to clean your street landscape oil painting. You might dust over the painting gently without rubbing and clean the painting's surface.

If you think your street landscape oil painting is too dusty and needs proper cleaning, you might contact a professional conservator. These professionals have the necessary tools and expertise to clean an oil painting without damaging it.

How to Protect Street Landscape Oil Paintings?

Here are some tips to keep your street oil paintings in good quality:

  • Keep your paintings away from direct sunlight,
  • Do not let water touch your painting,
  • Do not handle the painting directly,
  • Do not hang the painting near a fireplace or any source of heat,
  • Do not rub or press on the painting when cleaning,
  • Choose the right frame for your oil painting.

What are the Things to Consider When Buying Street Landscape Oil Paintings?

Choosing the right street landscape oil painting is the key to decorating your living space with your own taste. Here are some things to consider when buying street landscape oil paintings:

Personal taste: Your personal taste is significant when purchasing a street landscape painting for your home. Always focus on finding a painting that evokes excitement and inspiration within you.

Color harmony: The painting you purchase should create harmony with your house's dominant colors. It should match your walls and décor.

Overall theme: The dominant theme in your living space is another factor you should consider when purchasing art. The perfect street painting should fit in your home's atmosphere perfectly.

Budget: Consider your budget before purchasing an artwork. Although a higher price tag might indicate better quality or value, you should never buy an artwork solely because it is expensive.

Size: The size of the wall or walls plays a significant role in choosing the perfect artwork. The painting you purchase must be neither too big nor too small. It should be large enough to create a focal point and small enough to provide an elegant look.



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