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Oil Painting of Flowers

Flowers, which hold an important place in Turkish and world culture, have taken on various meanings throughout history, since the emergence of humanity. Therefore, they have been depicted in different ways and gained cultural significance. With thousands of different species of flowers, including many endemic ones, the journey of flowers is quite extensive and diverse. This greatly enhances their role in human life. Moreover, adorning the walls of living or working spaces with paintings provides a sense of tranquility. Hence, there is a wide variety of oil painting models of flowers available. Furthermore, Simurg Art Studio offers handmade oil painting options, allowing you to have unique oil paintings tailored to your taste.
Flowers are nature itself. They are colorful and fragrant plants that grow naturally in the region's climate without any intervention. Therefore, if we want to feel nature and incorporate a part of it into our living or working spaces, then oil painting models of flowers would be a fitting choice. Additionally, considering your decoration style, you can order custom-made paintings by taking into account factors such as color, design, and type of flower.

Still Life Oil Painting Models of Flowers

One of the valuable aspects of painting art is still life, which typically includes depictions of inanimate objects such as flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The essence of this approach is to depict inanimate objects. Therefore, motifs of flowers in vases are extremely popular. It has been a frequently used approach by famous Turkish and foreign painters, making still-life oil painting models suitable for almost any decoration style. Although the first examples emerged in the 14th century, they became popular in the 17th century and attracted considerable interest from both Turkish and foreign painters.
Nature, which provides peace and purity, is also beneficial to the mind and body. When we enter a natural environment, we feel happy and peaceful. However, when we return to our homes or workspaces, we may feel a sense of gloominess. Nevertheless, this can be overcome with oil painting models of natural scenery. Displaying the unique examples of nature in our homes with handmade oil paintings allows us to immerse ourselves in that beautiful environment. This, in turn, positively impacts our quality of life and work performance.

Decoration Suggestions with Still Life Oil Paintings of Flowers

Oil paintings, which are used in homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, and various other places, provide a natural appearance to the environment. One of the most beautiful ways to achieve this is undoubtedly through flower painting models. Flowers uplift the spirit and make one feel at peace. Additionally, each flower holds a different meaning. While a red rose symbolizes love, a violet symbolizes modesty. A red tulip expresses affection, while a daisy evokes feelings of health and abundance. Each flower carries a specific meaning in the mind. Therefore, you can choose the right flowers and motifs to reflect your decorative taste and emphasize your emotions and thoughts in the environment.

Areas of Use for Still Life Oil Paintings of Flowers

While the pure white appearance of daisies in the countryside may be captivating, it doesn't fit the theme of still life. However, the image of a bouquet of daisies in a vase can be considered as the subject of an exquisite still-life oil painting. Therefore, paintings depicting inanimate flowers, fruits, or vegetables are referred to as still life. The most well-known example is paintings of flowers in vases. This aesthetic and decorative piece can be part of almost any decoration.
Especially since the most commonly used room in homes is the living room, oil painting models of the living room are extremely popular. This is because they carry a unique meaning for both guests and homeowners. They emphasize natural beauty and add a different atmosphere to the room. Of course, it's not just homes. Such paintings can also be used in offices. In fact, with office oil painting models, highly aesthetic decorations can be created. Furthermore, such paintings can help convince guests or clients and improve work performance in the office.

Prices of Oil Paintings of Flowers

The field of flower-themed oil paintings is quite extensive due to the existence of many different types of flowers. Therefore, it's possible to bring the dynamics of nature to the environments we are in with oil paintings. However, the prices of oil paintings of flowers may vary depending on factors such as the space where the decoration will be made, the size of the walls, the colors used, the size of the canvas, and similar factors. However, Simurg Art Studio is always there for you, offering the opportunity to purchase handmade oil paintings. Moreover, with the option for custom-made paintings, when you provide your criteria to Simurg Art Studio, you will have your dream oil painting.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Should Be Considered When Choosing Still Life Oil Paintings of Flowers?

Still, life consists of inanimate objects such as flowers, fruits, or vegetables. Therefore, the most preferred still-life flower design is flowers in vases. Of course, since there are many different flowers such as daisies, roses, tulips, and orchids, the selection should be made according to the meanings and colors they evoke.

How to Clean Oil Paintings of Flowers?

Since oil paintings are handmade, they are extremely delicate. When cleaning, dust removal tools with soft bristles should be used. Additionally, if the flower oil painting is varnished, it can be wiped with a special oil paint solution and a soft cloth without pressing too hard on the canvas.

How to Preserve Still Life Oil Paintings of Flowers?

If you want to display specially designed flower oil paintings in your home or office's prime spots for many years, it's essential to have them varnished. Also, it's important to keep the painting away from damp, warm, and dusty environments.

What are the Usage and Decoration Suggestions for Oil Paintings of Flowers?

If you plan to use flower oil painting models in various areas such as your home, office, hotel, hospital, or school, you should pay attention to the type and color of the flowers. Choosing a flower painting model that matches the color scheme of the decoration will be a wise choice. Also, selecting a painting size suitable for the wall will affect the positive atmosphere the painting creates in the space.


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