40x60 cm Without Frame Size
 Production Year : 2019 %100 handmade.
60x80 cm Without Frame Size
50x70 cm Without Frame Size
40x50 cm Without Frame Size
70x120 cm Without Frame Size
Our painter, who emphasizes color balance in his works, pierced the cold tones in the painting with light reflections that reached the fruits and favored vibrant colors and gave them a voice that rendered them lively with relaxed brush strokes.
You will get to know the works of our artist, who endured stained works in his classical way, owing to the skillful usage of colors and light at a glance. The way feelings are translated to the canvas in the works of our artist, whose motivation comes from nature, is a kind of optimism that provides audience confidence and you get the impression that you are seeing the view from a lovely hill on a spring, which is why our artist is also known as the spring painter.
Production Year : 2020 100% handmade.