From our Website, our central store, and Cehavir and Akasya Mall stores, you can shop Tax-Free.  With the additional discount, you can buy your artworks in a rolled form and can take it with you during your flight. You have the convenience to review and purchase all artworks which are on sale through our website. Your purchased artwork will be delivered to your hotel within 24 hours for your online shopping.

What is Tax Free Shopping?

Tax Free shopping is the purchasing of taxable goods in Turkey which will be exported whereby shoppers can obtain a refund of the VAT charged on these goods, providing that they validate their purchases at the point of exit.

How do I shop Tax Free?

  1. Issue
    Make an eligible purchase. A Tax Free Tag will be issued and placed on the back of the sales receipt
  2. Get Export Validation
    Take your purchased goods, passport and tagged receipts to a validation point
  3. Get your Refund
    Choose your preferred refund method – credit/debit card, cash or digital wallet

Who is eligible?

Any foreign visitor to Turkey, as well as Turkish citizens with a residence permit outside of Turkey are eligible for a VAT refund.


We bundle your multiple purchase into one so you get more money back in one larger refund. Instead of refunding you on the basis of each separate purchase, we give you one much greater refund based on the cumulative value of all your purchases. This is called bundling your purchases. We apply a higher refund table rate and you save more.

Main Validation Points

• Istanbul Airport

• Sabiha Gokcen Airport

• Antalya Airport

• Izmir Airport

• Ankara Airport

• Bodrum Airport

• Dalaman Airport

• Kusadasi Seaport





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