Hydrangeas | Flower Oil Painting (37757)

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80x100 cm Frame Included Size
Were you aware that the flower of the hydrangea reflects a sincere apology? Is this obscure theme, which we are not used to seeing in the works of the artist, be the reason for this apology? But what about the curve of the flowers' neck? Doesn't it reveal a deep regret by enhancing the bittersweet appearance in the work even farther?
Our artist, who is admired with his mastery in reflecting the details, draws the audience into the art piece by creating an immense sense of reality with his skill in using light and shadow, and wonderful observations. In his works, the intensity always creates a doubt whether you're looking at an oil painting or a photograph. Our artist's style, who is recognized as the painter of still-life and seasons, is carrying the traces of the Baroque era.
Production Year : 2020 100% handmade.

Your painting is sent as standard, with the frame on it. If you wish to make a different selection from the following frames, you can change the frame as free of charge by writing your preferred frame in the order completion page's note section.
*Aged Gold and Aged Silver frames enlarge the size of the painting by 20 cm.
*Aged Black frame enlarges the size of the painting by 16 cm.
(For example; If aged gold or silver frame is added to a 70x100 cm painting, the size will become 90x120 cm and if the aged black frame is added, it will be 86x116 cm.)
*Frames with cases enlarge the size of the painting by 2 cm.
(For example, if a frame with case added 70x100 cm painting, the sizes will become 72x102cm.)
Classic Country Avant-garde
Standart Plastic
60x80 cm
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