Hanging Down İn Rags | Decorative Oil Painting

Hanging Down İn Rags | Decorative Oil Painting (600268)

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107x157 cm Without Frame

  • *
     Our Artworks are certified.

  • *Original Oil Paintings on canvas.
  • *Specially produced 400 gr thick 1st class artistic oil painting on canvas.
  • *Internal pulleys produced from dried solid woods do not bend over time (no diameters), and retain their lifespan without affecting the difference in temperature over time.
  • *If you want to use your artworks for many years in first day quality; Make sure that the suspended environment is not a wall that receives humid or moisture, does not get too much sunlight during the day and does not stay near heat sources.

  • *Artworks can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth moistened with water.
  • *Artworks are sent with the frame on.
  • *Artworks are mounted with steel strap wire or D-ring apparatus.

  • *Your artworks will be delivered to the shipment in wooden boxes within 5 (five) working days at the latest.
  • *Shipping costs of the artworks sent abroad vary according to the country of delivery and are supplied from the customer.
Modern Minimalist Scandinavian
Standart Plastic
Black White
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