Bismillâh | Calligraphy

Bismillâh | Calligraphy (41813)

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120x120 cm Without Frame Size
 Production Year : 2021 %100 handmade.

Your painting is sent as standard, with the frame on it. If you wish to make a different selection from the following frames, you can change the frame as free of charge by writing your preferred frame in the order completion page's note section.
*Aged Gold and Aged Silver frames enlarge the size of the painting by 20 cm.
*Aged Black frame enlarges the size of the painting by 16 cm.
(For example; If aged gold or silver frame is added to a 70x100 cm painting, the size will become 90x120 cm and if the aged black frame is added, it will be 86x116 cm.)
*Frames with cases enlarge the size of the painting by 2 cm.
(For example, if a frame with case added 70x100 cm painting, the sizes will become 72x102cm.)
Modern Classic Avant-garde Rustic
Standart Plastic
Black Grey Gold
120x120 cm
Available in Stock
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