Owl | Bird Oil Painting (37281)

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40x60 cm With Frame

He was an immigrant from Yugoslavia and was born in Istanbul in 1968. He had spent his childhood with pigeons. He was inspired to paint by his passion and affection with natural elements and subjects such as birds and plants, which are in his interest since the age of seven. He accelerated the production of his works with the teachings of painters of Baku such as Painter Ferdi Ergüder, Namiq Ismayilzade, Mikayil Abdullayev at the Ergüderler Painting Workshop in the 80s after conducting charcoal works for 9 years. He has worked for a period in a local paper as an art and press consultant. His first exhibition in Ortaköy consists of charcoal drawings, and he has held 57 mixed solo exhibits at different country fairs and halls. After an invitation from the Dutch art consultant, he went to Utrecht. He had worked there for some time. He conducted interior mural paintings and portraits. There, he conducted two short-period exhibits. The artist's paintings with the themes of freedom, realism, abstraction, and modernity are offered for sale in auction houses. Seeing Atalay Köseoğlu 's works as promising, well-known persons, organizations and collectors added his pieces to their collections and supported him with letters of reference. In the book illustration branch, 13 success plaques have been given to him. He has been a guest on numerous shows on television and radio and has performed live works. The photographer's side of him brought color and distinction to his paintings. His poems were included in anthologies and archives and published in monthly literature magazines.
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